About Us

Hiya, and I welcome you to my site. My name is Philip Reid and I set about building and designing websites some 11 years back. Surprisingly I am really a plasterer by trade, so the move to designing websites was fairly significant, nevertheless I fell into it without difficulty and these days it simply is "what I do". To tell the truth I've found it a fascinating challenge, brainstorming concepts and implementing them, in some instances aiming to make a little money out of it and from time to time merely doing it just for fun. This specific website is a little of both.

I don't know about you, but I have definitely gotten frustrated by endless promotions pushed in my face on sites, nonstop pop-ups offering crap I don't want and newsletters I will never read through, and needing to login or sign up to achieve anything at all on most websites, which means my email address is about to get spammed to death and I am going to have to use my valuable time every day erasing all this rubbish. I would imagine you feel exactly the same don't you? I hope you will not feel that way after a visit to this website.

Well, whilst you will get a bit of promotional material on this website, it's not shoved down your throat, you do not have to put up with any pop-up windows, you will not be requested to register or sign in and you will definitely not receive any useless newsletters or emails. This site isn't dynamic and so stuff isn't going to be continuously moving or take forever to load.

Basic, easy to use sites will invariably be my objective, with content that is quick loading and that doesn't contain crap which you don't want or need. With luck I've achieved that with this site or at the very least you have not been dissatisfied with your time here, perhaps you will even have really enjoyed the exercise. I sincerely hope that is the case.

I'm not a shed builder myself so please do not contact me with questions in connection with shed building or to obtain estimates for shed installtion projects, the site is made to lead you through the different ways to get a reputable shed installer yourself.

I cannot recommend or endorse any particular service, I've merely given you a few techniques for picking one, the choice is ultimately yours to make.

Cheers once again for visiting and I expect to see you here again sometime soon. Phillip Reid